Tides Turning is a Melbourne-based business that specialises in organisational change.

Our name comes from the well-known saying, “the turning of tides”, which refers to the ebb and flow of sea tides, causing a change in the waters and a ripple effect that spans great distance. This connotation ties in well with what we do – managing the wave of change to steer our clients in a positive direction.

Led by Shirley Singleton, MD and Chief Transition Exponent, Tides Turning draws on years of professional experience to help organisations develop and execute strategic change strategies and activities.

Shirley has a Cert. 4 in Training and Assessment Training, a Cert. 4 in Business Management, and an MBA.

Her experience has seen her:

  • Facilitate people performance improvement at all levels in organisations, both as teams and individuals
  • Draw on theoretical and practical knowledge when analysing and solving problems to deliver tangible results
  • Play a key role in identifying and converting opportunities into projects
  • Contribute to the on-going development of businesses in varied industries
  • Cultivate strong working relationships with stakeholders at a variety of levels

Please contact Shirley at Tides Turning for more information. 


  • Assessment and Advice
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Total change management