Tides Turning has a flexible, responsive methodology that is tailored to suit the organisation at hand.


Our process includes conducting a company and operations analysis, before providing clients with the directional advice they need to move forward.

From there we create a strategic plan that covers all key components of the transition, which includes defining a clear rationale for the change. This plan guides the development, implementation and execution process, with special attention focused on employee engagement to ensure all key stakeholders adopt the change in a productive, positive and cooperative fashion.

This methodology allows us to act as an objective party that can identify the bottlenecks, problems and issues affecting your organisation, in a way that an internal employee cannot. Using this insight and our professional expertise, we are then able to formulate strategies that address all underlying issues, and manage the wave of change to ensure the tides turn in your favour.

We specialise in:

  • Business growth direction
  • Business growth methodology
  • New direction or redirection for increased growth
  • Improved profit forecasts
  • Improved business direction
  • Improved budgeting

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  • Assessment and Advice
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Total change management