Successful companies are constantly evolving. They embrace change and know how to capitalise on opportunities that grow and improve their brand.

At Tides Turning, we work closely with a diverse range of organisations as they shift from their current state to a desired future state.


We manage the wave of change through strategic planning and implementation practices, so that employee resistance is minimised, and change effectiveness maximised.

We deal with all types of organisational change, including those related to business performance, business strategy, service diversity, workflow process, general procedure, management systems, re-structuring, and employee engagement.

Our suite of services include:

Assessment and Advice

We draw on a high degree of business understanding and conduct a company analysis to provide clients with directional advice. We help you decide what type of change is required, or whether to go ahead with a contemplated change.


Considering all aspects of your organisation and the market in which you operate, we develop a strategic plan for the announcement, implementation and execution of your change.


A fluid yet measurable process enables successful execution of the proposed change. We use our skills in project management and human resources to successfully implement the change strategy with minimal disturbance to everyday operations.

Employee Engagement

Our balanced approach means we find the synergy between people and process during times of change. We conduct behavioural assessment and ensure the change is understood at all levels.

Total change management

Managing all aspects of the change process, we ensure the shift has been appropriately visualised, planned, analysed, announced and implemented.

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  • Assessment and Advice
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Total change management